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DIY LCD Projectors...:

PC Clinic makes a customized LCD projector for youre Organistation which will cost just a Fraction of what the commercial does and will have a lamp life of more than 20000 hours. and the lamp replacement cost of just Rs. 1000/-

1> Bussiness Projector (Price range starting from Rs. 12,000/-)

2> Mini Projector (Price range starting from Rs. 15,000/-)

3> Pocket Projector (Price range starting from Rs. 14,000/-)


Overall costs, comparison with commercial projector and time incurred:- The overall cost of the projector built in 2005 was within Indian Rs. 90,000=00. It could be less if second hand parts are used. The equivalent quality of commercial projector would have costed between Indian Rs. 1 lac to 1.5 lacs. The biggest advantage is the replacement cost of bulb assembly which is much less i.e. Indian Rs. 600 as against Rs. 15,000 in case of commercial projector as well as the life of the bulb assembly which is much more i.e. 10 years as against 2 years in case of commercial projector.

The cost is nearly 20% of the equivalent commercial version with added advantages of a very cheap lamp, much longer lamp life, much longer LCD life due to enough ventilation etc. The only disadvantage is size. In our case, we have placed it on top of an almirah using the already vacant space. Hence the projector does not require any special mountings or space and it does not disturb the space in the room. In respect of brightness, one should not compare with DLP Projectors as the technology is entirely different from LCD Projectors. The brightness level of DIY projectors is comparable with the conventional movie theatres. In case of DIY LCD Projectors, the brightness level achieved using 400W metal halide bulb is quite sufficient for dark viewing. As may be seen from the screen shots given in the beginning of this page, we got good brightness even at 50% default setting of LCD brightness. If one desires to view the image in lighted environment, the wattage of the bulb may be increased to 1000W. We feel that as a custom built DIY LCD Projector, one can achieve much better performance parameters compared with commercial projector except the size and power consumption.

The brightness and focus is definitely better in commercial projectors due to superior light engine (but it is very expensive), special lcds (having maximum transmissivity of light), smaller lcds (obviously needing lower incidence of light and hence lower size of other components as well as enclosure) and highly superior projection lens (having elements 10 to 15 compared with 3 in diy, to achieve better focus, least distortion, astigmatism, spherical and chromatic aberration, various optical compensations etc. but very expensive)

As a whole It is a fun filled. useful and creatively satisfying project resulting into much higher value compared to costs incurred provided one has time and scientific temper of mind. Such projectors will be highly useful to educational institutions due to lower initial costs as well as lower running costs on account of inexpensive bulbs, which are quite high in case of commercial projectors. For technically competent persons, the custom built DIY projector will give even superior results compared with a commercial projector for much cheaper initial price as well as much lower running costs if the size constraint is ignored.













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